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$TOKYO Bitgert Token brings together individuals and companies seeking opportunities, entertainment, leisure, social network, business or adventure in MetaTokyo

Rise of Metaverse City Tokyo - A New World

An ambitious project that aims to unleash the power of Metaverse Japan to the world in the Web 3.0 era. A new dynamic and advanced metasociety in which individuals and communities can play an active role in a diverse ecosystem within Metaverse City Tokyo from Retail, Business Services, E-sports, Virtual Real Estates, Anime Game and Movie Studio, Manga, Web 3.0 Apps, NFT Marketplace and a MetaUniversity

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17.5% Net revenue stream worldwide for stakeholders

Global Rewards Allocation

Pooled net profit calculated across the board from all revenue streams and disbursed to stakeholders in perpetuity

A solid business plan with tangible deliverables

Seed Funding

Banking on solid fundamentals, the project is fail proof taking into consideration the scale of development embedded towards long-term sustainability

A sneak peek of our projects

Projects In-Development

Solid blockchain based projects that are intended to scale to full development stemming from funding support of the BRISE community and stakeholders

Kamikaze Drone Pilots

A play-to-earn NFT Anime game on PC/iOS/Android. Set 120 years into the future after a long nuclear winter from the last nuclear conflict, a new breed of heroes arise from a world torn in disarray and absent of social order - the Drone Pilots of Platoon 22 A.K.A The Kamikaze Elite Squad (神風特攻隊). Stay tuned.

Anime play-to-earn

CatGirls Underground

10,000 Unique NFT Anime Collection which includes a PVP play-to-earn game on PC/iOS/Android. Four sisterhood clans known collectively as CatGirls (猫娘) are battling for territory and reputation in the CatVerse space. Unlock in-game items and enjoy treasure hunts with multiple rewards to level up. Intertwined with the game is its original manga content, chibi figure collectibles and a short Anime streaming series to be produced in collaboration with a popular Japanese animation studio.

MetaTokyo Virtual Real Estates

Build your own paradise in Metaverse City Tokyo. Buy a parcel of virtual plot, get your assigned Deed of Registry, and start building anything in this 3D MetaSociety. Popular and iconic Tokyo landmarks will be up for grabs. Own it or build your shop/residence/showcase display next to it.

MetaMaid Cafe Tokyo Club

An exclusive VIP club for MetaTokyoites. Get insider access to Japan's business, hobby, entertainment, leisure and social community space. Planned events include:

☑️ Web portal service and assistance
☑️ Annual business conference for club members in Tokyo
☑️ Access to business directory of vetted manufacturers and suppliers
☑️ Discounts and special perks to hotels, restaurants and shops
☑️ Service support for buying proxy in Japan
☑️ Opportunities for training from top Japanese instructors
☑️ Club hop tour for members

Members will also get to enjoy a 10% shared pool in perpetuity from the club's business activities on top of the 17.5% global revenue stream shared allocation from the $TOKYO Bitgert Token project. Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity with a Japanese company at its helm.

Our Partners

Bitgert Token

Fusion Metaverse Roadmap

This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q1 2022 EMERGENCE

    • Idea of MetaTokyo
    • Whitepaper
    • Legalities

  • Q2 2022 BLITZ

    • Website Launch
    • Community Build
    • Early Token Holders Pre-Sale
    • TokyoCoin IDO On Sphynx

  • Q3 2022 METATOKYO

    • Build MetaTokyo Ecosystem
    • Launch MetaMaid Cafe Tokyo Club
    • Launch NFT Pre-Sale Catgirls (Play-to-Earn)


    • NFT Anime Game & Movie Studio
    • Kamikaze Drone Pilots (Play-to-Earn) 
    • MetaTokyo Virtual Real Estates

  • Q1 2023 CONQUEST

    • Tokyo Bitgert Strip (Virtual Shops)
    • NFT Marketplace & Exchange
    • Anime Card PVP Battles

  • Q2 2023 MULTIVERSE

    • Multiverse Migration to 3D VR/AR Projects
    • NFT Casino & Entertainment Hub
    • MetaTokyo E-Sports Live Betting


    • Expansion Games Anime Studio
    • 1st Anime NFT Movie Release
    • Launch of MetaTokyo University
    • A.I. Advance MetaCyberkinetics 

Tokyo Bitgert Team

Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen. We are a young start-up company based in Yokohama, Japan. Our team has intensive experience in game infra design including software development, telecom, VR/AR, NFTs and cyber security systems. We are your next generation Metaverse and blockchain architect team that is ready to give you the best experience in Metaverse City Tokyo. With your support, we will unveil the most exciting projects yet to the community. Let us work together as partners. Let us create the Fusion Metaverse.

Why invest in $TOKYO Bitgert Token team?


☑ Reputable members of the community

☑ Japan company audited full tax compliance

☑ Solid portfolio includes popular projects

☑ Pioneer Tournament candidate for Silicon Valley training

Dr. Albert Mulles

Founder/NFT Build Architect

Terumi Kobayashi

Japan Legal/Operations

Tranh Song

Senior Software Engineer

Konomi Kobayashi

Creative Designer

Axel Masson


Dada Ed

Business Development

Zhao Lieung

Full Stack Developer

Our Portfolio

We have worked as an outsource tech development talent on several innovative projects. Drawn together towards a common goal, our collective skillset aims to bring forth the best projects yet in the Metaverse and blockchain space.

Join And Be Part Of The Global Rewards Pool

Interested in looking for an NFT with a huge potential to scale but don’t know where to start? CatGirls Underground NFT is now minting. A unique and adorable collection of 10,000 NFTs in the Catverse. As an NFT owner, this will give you unprecedented access to the Global Rewards Pool pegged at 17.5% from the net revenue stream of $TOKYO Bitgert Token project. This is on top of the 10% additional income earned from derivative net revenue generated from PC/iOS/Android game of CatGirls Undergound, manga, chibi collectible figures and short animation series. Will you be ready for the next big NFT project and the  powerful ways to benefit from it?

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